About our company

About our company


Hungaro Lux Light Ltd. is one of the most innovate street lighting company of Europe with more than 20 years of experience and continuous development. Our success in cooperation with our worldwide acknowledged research partners, the Department of Electronic Devices of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the optics laboratory of the Pannon University have been acknowledged by the European Union: we got almost 2 million EUR subsidization for LED street lights technology development project.

The whole range of product portfolio incorporate with the founders

philosophy: produce reliable, high-tech products with low maintenance need, without compromise on affordable price.

Ez a projekt az Európai Unió Horizont 2020 kutatási és innovációs program támogatásában részesült a No.683.541 támogatási megállapodás alapján.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 683541.

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Dieses Projekt wurde durch das Forschungs- und Innovationsprogramm Horizon 2020 der Europäischen Union im Rahmen der Finanzhilfevereinbarung Nr. 683.541 unterstützt.
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